Cool Family Activities in Saint Pete Beach

Merry Pier


If you love to fish, this is a great spot.  They have gear, live bait, and a great location for all the local catches like snapper, grouper and more.

Swim with the Fishes


You can actually swim with local fish in this 33,500 gallon aquarium at Rumfish Grille.  Tons of fun!

Shell Key Shuttle

Take a trip to Shell Key and snorkel, collect shells or just soak up the sun.  Board in Passagrille

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Here's a huge crowd pleaser - Kids absolutely love parasailing over the ocean.  Located behind the Sirata -

Get on a Jet ski


What a great way to soak up some sun and fill your viens with adrenaline!  A local and kid favorite.  Spots all over the beach.

Slide the day away


The Tradewinds has a slide day pass for the kids and they can ride the giant waterslides for hours.  A family highlight!